Idaho Fish Report

Trout anglers will want to target deeper areas near the dam

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Trout anglers will want to target deeper areas near the dam. Bass and bluegill fishing is in full swing. Lake Selmac has an exception to the typical bass regulations in that only 1 bass can be retained here.  

Lake Selmac has its share of non-native aquatic hitchhikers. Boat owners should do their part to remove as much vegetation as possible while leaving the ramp, as well as drain and dry their vessel before using another waterbody.

Lake Selmac has had a recent introduction of a non-native bryozoan. Bryozoans are mossy like creatures that usually help to clean water and that are not typically harmful to humans. However, this particular species has been known to harbor a disease that can be transmitted to salmon and steelhead. Please help stop the spread of Oregon’s aquatic hitchhikers!

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