Idaho Fish Report

Flows in the Blitzen are now around 30 cfs

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff


No recent fishing reports. Fishing early in the morning rather than late in the day will probably be most productive for trout and will reduce stress on fish. For anglers looking to target some of the large carp in the lower Blitzen fishing is open from Sodhouse Bridge to the boat landing until Sept. 15. Carp will be concentrated in the deeper pools and can be taken using bait or flies.

Flows in the Blitzen are now around 30 cfs with water temperatures ranging from 60 early in the morning to around 79 in the afternoon at the Page Springs Weir. Cooler water can be found in the upper portions of the Blitzen and tributaries including Little Blitzen and Bridge Creek. We encourage anglers to avoid fishing and wading in and near springs in the mainstem Blitzen during the middle of the day. Doing so may push fish out of cool water refugia they are using when water temperatures are highest.

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for Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

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