Idaho Fish Report

Currently flows are around 1,340 cfs

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

Fishing is generally best when flows are below 3,000 cfs. Currently flows are around 1,340 cfs at the Waterloo gauge as of Nov 14, but these conditions are likely to change by the weekend where heavy rain is expected.

Anglers may see salmon actively spawning along the river. Please keep your distance and do not disturb them during this time so they can complete this vital step in their life cycle. Also, please keep your dog away from salmon carcasses as they can make dogs very ill, even fatally so, if they are consumed.  

Hatchery trout harvest season closes Nov. 1. Fishing with bait is only allowed between April 22 and Oct. 31. Anglers are reminded that only fin-clipped trout may be kept

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