Idaho Fish Report

Pelican Lake Fishing Report

by Utah Fish Reports Staff

Water temperatures are ranging from 77 to 82 degrees depending on the time of day. Water levels are low, but not unexpected with the current drought situation. The main ramp is usable with about 4 feet of depth. The main road into Pelican was recently graded and is not bad for pulling a boat. Water clarity throughout the lake is highly variable. The entire outside edge of the lake is murky water; there is only about 6 to 10 inches of water in the bulrush now. The middle of the lake has areas of clear water. Aquatic vegetation at the main ramp is minimal this year. However, some bays are completely choked off by invasive milfoil plants. Water clarity in the middle of the lake has been great, and this is where you will find the fish.

Fishing last week was best from a boat, using a fly rod. Use a 5- or 6-weight rod with floating line and a 6- to 7-foot leader. Clouser patterns of all colors worked well. You must be able to see your fly and the bass to trigger a strike. Fish are less aggressive due to high water temperatures and a high pH. Anglers had some success using a topwater popper and small jerk baits. Bass are also actively feeding on frogs in the evenings. You can expect the average bass to be about 12 inches right now. Bluegill are still small, but can be found in the deeper, clear water schooled up in the deeper holes. Maximum water depth right now is only about nine feet with average around five feet. Aquatic vegetation and an algae/plant (chara) is covering most of the lake bottom right now. It has formed mats which sometimes reach the surface of the lake. Fish are hiding in this, and especially the deeper holes that form in the chara. We have stocked tiger muskie, but they have not survived well in the face of largemouth bass. You will see a muskie once in a while, but targeting them right now is difficult due to low numbers. You will see common carp cruising the clear waters and you will likely mistake them for a big largemouth bass. Remember if you see a carp with a pink tag, it could be worth $40 cash.

Pelican Tagged Carp Project: We encourage you to help with long-term carp management and bring your family and friends out to target these fish using all legal methods of take. There is no limit on common carp; anglers are encouraged to remove carp from the lake. If you catch or bowfish a carp with a pink tag, please keep the tag and go to the website listed on the tag — it could be worth some cash! Please call our Northeastern Regional office at 435-781-9453 if you have questions about tagged carp. 

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