Idaho Fish Report

Summer steelhead are throughout the fishery

by OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff

The Wilson gets a hatchery summer steelhead run and all indications are that it is decent this year. Summer steelhead are throughout the fishery (up to the South Fork), and there are some fish getting caught. Fishing for steelhead may be challenging this time of year as the water is low and water temperatures have been going up which can make fish lethargic and uninterested in biting. Targeting early morning when water temperatures are cooler, and steelhead are more active is good way to improve the chances of success. In addition, using small lures or small subtle presentations under a float are good techniques.

Cutthroat trout are also present on the Wilson, it doesn’t seem to fish quite as well as some of the neighboring basins for cutthroat, but there is opportunity.